Absorption Chillers

Model YIA Water-Cooled Single-Stage Absorption Chiller

Duty: 420 to 4850kW

YIA WATER COOLED Single Stage Absorber

YORK® YIA water-cooled single-stage absorption chillers offer the rugged, industrial grade design of our previous single effect model, with a whole new package of user-friendly microprocessor controls, designed to increase reliability and enhance performance.

  • Operation Flexibility – The YIA can capture waste hot water or steam, natural gas, or renewable sources to produce efficient cooling.
  • Highest Reliability – The YIA is built with the highest quality of materials to offer long uptime; including pumps that operate for over 75,000 hours.
  • Very Simple and Extremely Smart – The OptiView Control Center offers ease of operation with multiple data outputs. The YIA also features the SmartPurge function that automatically purges the system when required.

More information: YIA.pdf

Model YPC Water-Cooled Two-Stage Absorption Chiller

Duty: 700 to 2460kW


YORK® YPC water-cooled two-stage absorption chillers offer various burner options to meet strict emission requirements such as 9ppm Nox. With today’s energy and environmental considerations, the YORK® YPC Two-Stage Steam Absorption Chiller is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

  • Fuel Versatility – Can be driven by natural gas, oil, propane, or high-pressure steam energy sources.
  • First-Class Reliability – Unique design of first stage generator and the smart purge system keep your chiller operating longer
  • Ease of Operation – Advanced microcomputer control center offers powerful control
  • Superior Corrosion Protection – Only YORK® absorption chillers feature ADVAGuard™ 750, the best corrosion inhibitor in the industry

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