Water Cooled Chillers

YMC² Water-cooled magnetic centrifugal chiller.

Duty: 755 kW to 1,340 kW


Our most advanced water-cooled chiller offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency – Achieved through application of active magnetic bearing technology with variable speed drive.
  • Enhanced sustainability – Achieved by leak free refrigerant design, lower refrigerant charge and falling film evaporator.
  • Low sound levels – Advanced technology results in sound levels as low as 73dBA.
  • Superior reliability – Use of active magnetic bearing technology removes friction and the need for oil resulting in a quieter and more reliable chiller.

More information: YMC².pdf

Model YK Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller.

Duty: 880 kW to 10,550 kW


The YORK YK chiller is designed for air conditioning and process applications. Features include:

  • The high efficiency single-stage centrifugal compressor, powered by an open-drive motor. This provides flexibility to operate the chiller with electricity, steam, or gas depending on utility rates.
  • The YK utilizes a falling film evaporator to increase chiller efficiency and reduce refrigerant charges, which makes it ideal for LEED® building applications.
  • Designed for indoor mechanical room installation and it requires a cooling tower for heat dissipation.
  • Inherent design flexibility of this chiller allows it to be precisely selected for any building load profile.

More information: YK – Model G.pdf YK – Model H.pdf

Model YD Water-Cooled Dual Centrifugal Chiller.

Duty: 7,000 kW to 21,100 kW


YORK® YD water-cooled centrifugal chillers offer a complete combination of features for total owner satisfaction. The YD line of chillers utilize two YORK® centrifugal compressors operating in parallel on a common set of heat exchanger shells to obtain large chiller capacities, and efficient part load operation.

  • Environmental Responsibility – HF-134a refrigerant has zero ozone-depletion potential and low total global-warming potential.
  • Real-World Efficiency – Designed for maximum efficiency in the real world, where 99% of the cooling season is spent at off–design conditions.
  • Easy Operation – The OptiView™ Control Center ensures optimum performance and easy operation.

More information: YD.pdf

Model YVWA Water-Cooled Variable-Speed, Screw Chiller.

Duty: 700 kW to 1,055 kW


YORK® YVWA water-cooled variable-speed screw chillers have a cutting-edge design that uses a number of engineering advances to address four primary requirements of building owners and designers: efficiency, application flexibility, sustainability, and confidence.

  • Reduce compressor speed and increase efficiency as much as 30% – Strike the right balance between capital cost, ownership cost, and energy efficiency by tailoring and tuning configurations for up to 30% higher Energy Efficiency Ratio.
  • Flexibility to Handle your unique application – The YVWA chiller is capable of handling the high pressures associated with ice thermal storage or heat pump applications with the highest available efficiencies.
  • Reach greener goals with a smaller environment footprint – Reducing the refrigerant charge up to 30% and utility emissions as much as 30% makes it easy to earn LEED® points.
  • Feel confident with a proven performer – From inventing chiller VSD technology in 1979 to over 2,500,000 TR of VSD screw compressors operating today, we back you with unrivaled technological experience and the world’s largest service organization.

More information: YVWA.pdf

Model YR Water-Cooled Screw Chiller.

Duty: 700 kW to 1,530 kW


YORK® YR water-cooled screw chillers are designed to offer best in class efficiency for maximum performance at off design conditions. YR offers a wide range of features and options that make it suitable for almost any cooling application.

  • Real-World Efficiency – Designed for maximum efficiency in the real world, where 99% of the cooling season is spent at off-design conditions.
  • Market-Leading Sound Levels – Off-design sound levels as low as 80 dBA.
  • OptiView™ Control Center – Ensures optimum performance and easy operation.

More information: YR.pdf

Model YCWL Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller.

Duty: 175 kW to 700 kW

YCWLYORK® YCWL water-cooled scroll chillers provide chilled water for all air conditioning applications that use central station air handling or terminal units. Chillers are completely self-contained and are designed for indoor installation. Each unit includes hermetic scroll compressors, a liquid evaporator, water cooled condenser, and a user-friendly, Microcomputer Control Center mounted on a rugged steel base.

  • Environmentally Responsible – Charged with HFC-410A, which has no ozone-depletion potential and no phase-out schedule.
  • High Efficiency – Industry-leading design and off-design efficiencies.
  • Compact – Designed to fit through a standard 3′ door for ease of installation.
  • Reduced Wiring Costs – Lowest MCAs in the industry also maximize capacity on retrofit projects. Low Operating Costs – Rugged design for low maintenance costs and a long design life.

More information: YCWL.pdf